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General Discussion of Gender Dysphoria
(previously referred to as Gender Identity Disorder)

Gender Dysphoria- An Overview- Gives a “bird’s eye” view of this unusual congenital anomaly ("birth defect"), its cause and treatment.

 The Causation of GD- A general overview of the research regarding factors causing Gender Dysphoria.


Defending Your Faith as a Christian with GID

  A Transsexual in Your Midst-  Discussion of how a church should properly respond to a transsexual in their congregation. 

God Doesn't Make Mistakes- A real-life story of how a baby’s birth defect led to a scriptural view of why disease and deformity exist, why they are not God’s “fault” and yet He is still sovereign in all such situations.  

The Evidence of Transformed Lives- For those who question how changing our gender could possibly be “God’s Will” for us, here is part of our answer.

 Gender Diversity & Christianity- A Defense- How we can understand “gender diversity” in nature and use it to defend ourselves from Christians who label us as “perverse”. 

Letter to the Editor of Christianity Today Magazine- Scientific critique of the article “The Transgender Movement” appearing in the Feb 2008 issue of Christianity Today. 

Follow-Up Letter to the Editor of Christianity Today - further critique of same article from a more biblical point of view. (Unfortunately, neither of my Letters was published.) 

Scriptural Objections Used Against Christians with GD- The two common scriptural “attacks” raised by evangelical Christians against those who have Gender Dysphoria and are “transitioning”.   

Final Appeal to Your Pastor- When all else fails and it looks like you’ll be asked to leave your church- This is one last impassioned plea I wrote to help those who are transitioning. 


Thoughtful Answers to Difficult Questions

 The Answer- A Message from the Heart of God- A God’s eye view of why He allows such painful problems to enter into our lives. 

Being TS is Like Having a Terminal Disease- Transitioning is no more of a “choice” for those who are TS than having to deal with terminal cancer. This may help answer people’s question, “Why do can’t you just stay the way you are?” 

Why So Few Christian Marriages Survive Transition- What is the real cause for so many Christian marriages ending when one spouse transitions.


 Forward to My Autobiography- Preface to my autobiography that I am in the process of writing. 

Experiencing the True Love of the Father- Written for submission to a Christian Women’s magazine, it tells of how experiencing God as our Real Father can transform our spiritual lives. (Due to its audience, this article specifically avoids the subject of Gender Dysphoria.)

Some of My Poetry

 Becoming Me- A poem I wrote at the very beginning of my transition, expressing the joy, the wonder, the uncertainties of what lies ahead and the faith that I had that God would get me through all this! 

The Gift of Tears- Another poem from early in my transition, expressing my newly re-found ability to express the deep emotions I had long ago suppressed as my way of dealing with my Gender Dysphoria.


The Most Important Matter

 Would You Like to Meet Jesus? - For those who are searching for God but do not yet know “The Way, the Truth and the Light”, God’s peace and the eternal life He freely offers to all of us- Please Read this! 


Just for Fun

 We Gotta Pass Laws Against Preverts! - A fictional, tongue-in-cheek perspective of Transsexuals from the point of view of our “Opposition”.









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