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A Transsexual in Your Midst:

Information and Guidelines for Your Church

by Jennifer A. Burnett, MS, MD, FAAFP

Asst. Prof. of Family & Community Medicine, UCSF-Fresno


Most churches have never knowingly had a transsexual in their membership. I say “knowingly”, as there are those who are blessed with the physical attributes that let them “pass” (undetected) as their true gender. And unless they came out and told you, you might never know that they had once lived as the opposite sex. However, many transsexuals (especially those just beginning their new lives) may stick out like the proverbial “sore thumb”. As such, this may prove to be quite unsettling for you and your church.

On the other hand, you should also realize that it isn’t easy for a transsexual to walk through the doors of a church, especially those of the more “conservative” denominations. Christian leaders have often been highly vocal in their condemnation of transsexuals- equating them to perverts, sex-addicts and the like. However, the majority of Christian transsexuals I know are very moral individuals and often more circumspect in their sex lives than the average church-goer. Regardless, many have had very disheartening experiences with Christian institutions, which have left painful wounds that may deter them from ever coming back.

So, if a transsexual ends up coming to your church, you can be sure that the Lord has a divine purpose for them being there (i.e. Rom 8:28- “God causes ALL things to work together for good…”). And you should also remember that they have the same “right” to be in church as anyone else. We are ALL sinners; and as such we are deserving of God’s judgment. Instead, we have been saved by grace and accepted into His Kingdom as God’s beloved children. Therefore, we should extend the same grace and acceptance to all those who come to seek Him.

But even if we acknowledge God’s authority in composing His Body as He sees fit, there may still be those who are “offended” by the presence of a transsexual in their church. How should we address their discomfort while still making those who are “different” feel welcome? How can the church develop a compassionate understanding of a transsexual’s unique circumstances and problems? In which activities should transsexuals be allowed to participate?

The following information and guidelines should help church leaders and members alike to gain a proper understanding of transsexuals- who they are and what made them this way. And by supplying answers to the above questions, I hope you will develop a godly perspective on all these issues, which will then help you to lovingly integrate them into your fellowship. For this is not only pleasing to the Lord, but constitutes a very visible demonstration to the community around you that God’s love is alive and well within your church (John 13:34-35).

1. Cultivate a compassionate approach to all those who come into your church.

How are you supposed to respond to someone in your midst who overtly defies “acceptable societal norms” and/or “denominational doctrines”?  The church members must first realize that however uncomfortable it may be to have a transsexual in their assembly, those who have undergone a gender-role transition have suffered far worse than you can imagine! They desperately need your compassion, understanding and support. Remember what Jesus said about the Final Judgment in Mat 25:31-46, “To the extent that you [helped those needy and suffering] brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me” (v. 40).

You must therefore resist the typical “knee-jerk” response of avoiding transsexuals because they seem so foreign to your understanding. They are routinely discriminated against by society, in their jobs and even by their own families- so you should not be adding to their feelings of rejection! You need to ask God to help you understand what it is like to be a transsexual- to have been forced to live your life in the wrong gender. Accomplishing this will go a long way to easing the discomfort for both you and the transsexual(s) within your church. 

The Bible tells us that it is God who composes His Body exactly as He desires. He is the only one with the right to “choose” who belongs in His Church. We are prohibited from excluding a Christian from fellowshipping with us just because he/she is “different”, or makes us feel uncomfortable (1Cor 12:18-26). Indeed, a transsexual Christian may prove to be even more “necessary” for the proper functioning of the Body of Christ than those who are [supposedly] normal (v. 22). People who we deem to be “less honorable” should actually provoke us to express more agape love towards them- inspiring us to love each other in spite of our differences! 

Church leaders must prayerfully study God’s Word and then compassionately apply these biblical principles in all their decisions. It is my experience that a pastor who promotes such agape love and acceptance of transsexuals within his/her congregation will see the church grow in Christ-likeness. When we learn to show God’s love even to those who are society’s outcasts, then we will also abandon the judgmentalism, back-biting and gossip that so often characterizes today’s churches. And if the surrounding community sees a church that is truly manifesting Jesus’ love for one another, then that congregation will eventually experience numerical growth as well.

2. Educate yourself about Gender Dysphoria/Transsexualism.

Transsexuality is the result of a congenital anomaly (i.e. a “birth defect”). The medical terminology for this unusual condition is “Gender Dysphoria” (GD). There is ample scientific evidence to illustrate that in rare situations (about 1 in 1000 births) a combination of factors -genetic, hormonal and/or chemical exposures that occur within the womb- may adversely affect the development of certain areas of the fetal brain. 

These “gender centers” (such as the BSTc nucleus of the hypothalamus) then develop anomalously- such that a male-type brain may result within an otherwise normal female (genetically XX) body and a female brain within an “outwardly” normal (XY) male. [This is not the same as an “Intersex” individual, who may be born with indeterminate genitalia, or even possesses both male and female sex organs.] But unlike Downs Syndrome or Cleft-Lip, there is essentially no visible (physical) “defect” in an infant born with GD.

 However, as the child develops, certain “gender-variant” behaviors (such as a boy always preferring to play with dolls and wanting to wear girls’ clothing) are likely to manifest themselves. And the child may even state that “he” is really a girl, despite the parent’s determined efforts to stifle such assertions. Constant, severe discipline and aversive stimuli (e.g. being repeatedly beaten up by their supposed peer group of boys for “being such a girl”) may well extinguish [repress] such outward gender-variant behaviors, but this will not “cure” their GD. Such punitive actions may only drive it “underground” for a time, often to emerge even more forcefully later in life. 

GD is not a “lifestyle choice”, a sexual perversion or a psychiatric disease.  There are no psychological interventions or drug therapies which are capable of altering one’s Gender Identity after birth. But GD, just like many other congenital anomalies, does have a very effective medical treatment that can bring “wholeness” to those who suffer from it. Since our Gender Identity (who we are in our mind, heart and spirit) cannot be changed, we can use cross-gender hormones +/- surgical interventions to modify the body to bring it more into conformity with their “true self”.

Those with GD who have fully “transitioned” (i.e. undergone the above medical treatments and the re-socialization process that allow them to live more comfortably in their true gender) find that their very painful and debilitating Mind-Body dissonance [i.e. gender dysphoria] has been resolved. A new and more fulfilling existence than was previously possible is now open and available to them. But unless they can find a church body that is willing to accept them, Christian transsexuals will lose out on a very important element of their spiritual life.

3. Gender Identity is NOT the same as Sexual Orientation

Despite the word “sex” in the term Transsexual, GID is NOT about one’s sexual orientation (i.e. whether a person is hetero- or homosexual). Rather, it is far more basic: It encompasses one’s Gender Identity- who we truly are in our deepest being (i.e. possessing either a masculine or feminine psyche- regardless of our external genitalia).

It is quite possible for a Male-to-Female transsexual [abbreviated as “M2F”]- a person who is born with a male body but transitions to live as a female- to have married a woman in their former life. Then, after transitioning, they may find themselves attracted to men and even seek a relationship (and marriage) with a man. The reverse would be true in regard to a Female-to-Male [F2M] transsexual who was previously married to a man, and may even have had children by him. After transitioning, those who are F2M may desire to become both a husband and a father. In neither of the above cases should their post-transition predilections be classified as “homosexual” in nature.

One might then ask why a pre-transition transsexual would have previously pursued what would conceptually be a ‘homosexual’ relationship. [E.g. a M2F, in their former life as a male, marries a woman- despite having a female Gender Identity.] The answer, as you might expect, can be complicated. Many transsexuals, prior to their transition, have had to exist in a state of denial. Because of this, they strove to conform themselves to what society (and their churches) expected of them. Some even hoped that by getting married, this would somehow make them “normal”. But despite how hard they try, the majority of these marriages will unfortunately end in divorce.

4. Understand that being a transsexual is NOT a Sin.

The most important concept for Christians to comprehend is that there is nothing inherently “sinful” about being a transsexual. GD is a congenital anomaly and therefore a medical condition. It is not a sin that needs to be “forsaken”, any more than being born with one blue and one brown eye (highly unusual, but possible) requires that such an individual repent because they were born “different”. 

Jesus elucidated this principle when He corrected His disciples’ misconception about the man “born blind” in John 9:1-3. They assumed that this man’s blindness must have been caused by a sin committed by either the parents or the (unborn) child himself. Jesus stated than neither caused the son’s blindness. The true purpose for God allowing this man to be born blind was not punishment, but rather “that the works of God might be displayed in him” (v. 3).

[I acknowledge that Sin is indeed the root cause of ALL that is wrong and imperfect in this world. When Adam and Eve sinned, God’s perfect Creation was corrupted. Death, Disease, Decay and Deformity (e.g. birth defects) then entered into this world- and have been manifest ever since. But God is still sovereign, and He can take that which is flawed and imperfect and use it to His glory.]

Likewise, being born with GD is no more of a sin than being born blind. Especially when this concerns a Christian transsexual, their “birth defect” is in fact a great opportunity for God to demonstrate His grace and power in their life. I, for one, rejoice in His lovingkindness and mercy towards me; and the incredible works that He has been able to accomplish in and through my life. He has allowed me to touch thousands of people for the good and to His glory- through the articles I have written, lectures I have given and by the witness of my transformed life!  

Therefore, Christians must become better educated as to the true nature of GD in order to avoid unjustly condemning a transsexual brother or sister in Christ. Yes, it is quite possible for transsexuals, just like anyone else, to decide to disobey God and go their own way. And similarly, they can make selfish choices (as all of us are prone to do) to satisfy their own lusts and desires. But fellow Christians should not be so quick to judge the true motivations of their transsexual brethren. We are specifically warned NOT to engage in “passing judgment before the time” (1Cor 4:5), especially regarding an issue on which the Bible is essentially “silent”.

[There is nothing in the Bible that specifically addresses the subject of Transsexuality. Though many Christian leaders have used verses like Deu 22:5 and 1Cor 6:9 to condemn those with GID, these scriptures are being improperly interpreted and/or misapplied to transsexuals. A separate article in this book explicitly addresses these biblical issues.]

5. A transsexual’s decision to seek medical and/or surgical care to achieve unity of Mind and Body is (likewise) NOT inherently sinful. 

As Christians, we should be aware that our “outside” is not a true representation of who we actually are. 1Sam 16:7 tells us that God is not misled by our outward appearance, for He sees our “heart” and thus knows who we truly are “inside”. From a biblical perspective, we should realize that what is important in our earthly life is developing into the man or woman of God that He designed us to be. And that is reflected not so much in our “exterior” but rather who we are becoming in our mind, heart and spirit.

If there exists an effective treatment (which there is!) that allows those with GD to live a far better and more productive life, then pursuing such care cannot be inherently wrong. So, if a transsexual, after diligently seeking God’s will for their lives, is assured in their own heart that the Lord has given them the grace to take advantage of such medical interventions- then there should be no condemnation for them doing so. Alleviating a transsexual’s suffering through hormonal and/or surgical treatment is no more “sinful” than for a child to receive medical/surgical interventions to correct a cleft lip or a heart defect.

Nonetheless, a number of Christian leaders have gone so far as to accuse transsexuals of “mutilating their bodies” during their gender transition. Yet if a normal male were to start developing breasts due to some type of hormonal imbalance in his body, should he be accused of disfiguring himself by having a mastectomy? I think not! Such aberrant sexual development can produce significant psychological harm to a man, causing him much embarrassment and loss of self-esteem. Surgical treatment can alleviate this.

One reason Jesus came into the world is to bring healing and wholeness to people who were hurting and debilitated. He came not only to give us eternal life in the next world but to allow us to have “an abundant life” in the here and now (John 10:10b). The blessings of medical science ultimately originate from a kind and compassionate God. He gave us the intelligence and wisdom to discover medications and develop surgical procedures to relieve much needless suffering.

For those who have struggled so long with Gender Dysphoria- enduring years of pain and sorrow while trying to live a life in the wrong gender- the “unification” of mind and body that modern medicine can offer is also a miracle of healing that is both initiated and empowered by our loving Heavenly Father.

6. A Christian transsexual’s decision to pursue medical treatment for their GID does NOT mean that they lack Faith.

Many Christians have accused their transsexual brethren of lacking faith in God. They assert that if transsexuals would just “believe”, then God would heal their discordant minds; or He would give them the strength to continue to endure the profound emotional and psychological burdens of living a life in the wrong gender. Their quite-often vociferous criticisms of transsexuals illustrate both their ignorance in regards to GD as a treatable medical condition and their lack of compassion for those who have already borne such unremitting pain and sorrow for decades!

Some Christian leaders use 1Cor 7:17-24 to insist that transsexuals should not try to “change genders”. [Though in reality, their gender has ALWAYS been the same- only their outward appearance is altered by such medical and surgical treatments.] They assert that “Each man must remain in that condition in which he was called” (v. 20). But they fail to comprehend how living with GD can become so debilitating that a transsexual may cease to be able to function. This is due to the chronic anxiety and suicidal depression that often results from a life of unrelenting gender dysphoria.

It should also be noted that the exhortations of 1Cor 7 contain an “escape clause”, found in v. 21: “But if you are able to become free, rather do that”. This verse is referring to the condition of being a slave. Slavery restricts one’s ability to serve God, as you are under the control of someone who may not allow you the freedom to worship the Lord and minister to others as you desire. Those Christian transsexuals who have transitioned to living in their true gender will attest to the incredible freedom that they now have in their lives- to serve Him and especially to worship God “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23-24).

For God created man and woman differently, with divergent mental, emotional and spiritual qualities and characteristics. Once I comprehended this profound Truth and how it applied to me, it revolutionized my whole relationship with God! I began to worship the Lord “in the [very feminine] spirit” that He had given me, and “in the truth” that He had designed me to be His beloved daughter. My previous inability to “connect” with God (while trying in vain to approach Him as the male I was not) dissolved in a flood of joy and tears when I began worshipping and serving my Lord as the woman of God He had designed me to be!

Even though most people are unable to comprehend what it is like to have a female heart, mind and spirit trapped inside a male body, it is in fact a far more severe bondage than that of the social slavery of Jesus’ time. For those transsexual Christians who have earnestly sought God’s will for their lives, and have obtained by His grace the medical care which alleviates much of their pain and suffering… Then they have indeed received the “freedom” that God desires for ALL of His children (Gal 5:1).  

Those misguided Christians who would seek to reapply the “yoke of slavery” upon their transsexual brethren by using such fallacious reasoning as described above, should cease from their callous and unscriptural actions. For they have become just like the Pharisees in Mat 23:1-7, who “tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men's shoulders, but they themselves are unwilling to move them with so much as a finger” (v. 4).

7. No amount of counseling (especially Reparative Therapy) can cure GID.

There are those who have pushed transsexuals into seeking a remedy for their GD through “counseling”. They often have been forced to attend a protracted series of sessions wherein the counselor seeks to “repair” their supposedly broken childhood relationships. These past childhood traumas (e.g. “too-distant fathers” or “domineering mothers”) are the proposed root causes of their Gender Identity problems. But most of these [Reparative Therapy] programs amount to nothing more than attempts at brainwashing- employing highly repetitive and aversive stimuli to affect their “cures”.

The problem is that many who go through such programs may appear to achieve some initial success (i.e. they believe that they can successfully live as their birth sex); but this is in no way permanent. Their “brainwashing” wears off with time and the same painful awareness of living in the wrong gender recurs. And quite often when they “backslide”, these transsexual Christians are overwhelmed with guilt for having “failed” once again. Combine this with their renewed Gender Dysphoria and they may end up committing suicide!

[FYI- Reparative Therapy is almost universally condemned by all licensed and board-certified mental health professionals (psychologists and psychiatrists alike). Reparative therapists’ theories of the causation of Transsexualism (i.e. that bad parental relationships can produce GD) are unsubstantiated and their reasoning is entirely bogus. Additionally, their whole therapeutic approach is both ineffective and highly damaging for the individuals going through it.]

8. Trying to coerce a transsexual to “de-transition” is extremely presumptuous, a violation their God-given individuality and is likely to result in disaster!

Those born with GD usually have a conviction dating back to their earliest childhood that their body is the opposite of their true gender. But this life-long desire to dress, act and be just like those of the opposite [birth] sex may result in them believing that they are somehow grievously “disturbed”, defective or perverted. [This is particularly true if they were repeatedly punished/rebuked during childhood for their gender-variant behavior.] Even if they completed their transition years ago and have been living active and fulfilled lives in their true gender, they may still carry this burden of false guilt around with them.

This can make them easy prey for any (self-righteous) Christian who might desire to impose their own version of morality and religiosity on their weaker brethren. I have encountered such misguided individuals even amongst denominational leaders and seminarians, who believe they “know what’s best” for their transsexual brothers and sisters. Some  have gone so far as to state that in order to be “good Christians”, transsexuals must “de-transition” (i.e. return to living as their birth sex)!

As I discussed above, there is nothing inherently sinful about either being a transsexual or pursuing the medical/surgical interventions which can bring their body into conformity with their “true selves”. For someone who has no real understanding of GD to proclaim that transsexuals are “abominations” or to assert that they have “violated the laws of God” [two common accusations leveled against them], this constitutes the worst sort of pride and presumption!

Romans 14:1-12 deals with situations in which there is no clear statute in God’s Word to direct us (e.g. eating or abstaining from certain foods and “regarding one day as above another”). On matters like these, God’s Word teaches us that each Christian is responsible for making a God-honoring choice for him/herself. Likewise, if a transsexual Christian is “fully convinced in his/her own mind” (v. 5) that God’s will for them is to pursue medical treatment for their GD, then it is unacceptable for another Christian to regard them (and their decisions) with contempt. For only their Master has both the authority and the wisdom to appropriately judge them (v. 3-4). 

I am aware of cases wherein church leaders have used a transsexual’s false guilt to try to coerce them into de-transitioning. Forcing them to return to living a life in the wrong gender will only thrust them back into pain and anguish, often in both the short and long term. And those who (publicly) de-transition will usually find that they won’t be accepted into either men’s or women’s groups afterwards. This ostracism and their worsening sense of isolation often results in the transsexual leaving the church entirely. Add that to having to again endure the agony of Gender Dysphoria and they can easily fall into a state of hopelessness.

9. Transsexuals are not “perverts”; nor are they a danger to children.

The belief that having a [M2F] transsexual in church constitutes a risk to children is both ridiculous and highly offensive. There is absolutely no reason to deny those with GD the opportunity to be involved in the Nursery or Children’s ministries. There are (otherwise normal) women in our churches who are unable to have children due to infertility or some other medical problem.  It would be quite heartless to deny them participation in such ministries just because they are incapable of bearing children of their own.

So too, M2F transsexuals are unable to become pregnant or have babies; but that does not diminish their inherent maternal instincts and desires. In fact, just like many infertile women (and those who are unable to adopt), the majority of M2F transsexuals are even more drawn to loving and nurturing babies and young children than the average female.

10. Transsexuals should be given the opportunity to participate in all the activities that are offered to anyone else of the same gender. (This includes the use of restrooms appropriate to the gender of the transsexual, not their genitalia!)

As I noted in the above guideline, it is both unconscionable and irrational to discriminate against a transsexual on the basis of their previous life. An M2F transsexual is not going to be molesting other women in the church. And it is hoped that all the “normal” males in the Men’s Fellowship would have enough self-control and discretion so that they wouldn’t try to take advantage of any F2M transsexual in their midst (who, though masculine in appearance, may still possess a vagina).

Such problems are about as likely to happen as a sudden rash of homosexual liaisons breaking out because men are fellowshipping with men and women with women. In fact, the presence of a transsexual in any of these gender-specific ministries may allow all those who are participating to gain a much broader perspective on relationships within the Body. This can also provide valuable new insights that might not arise within such a group apart from the transsexual’s participation in it.

[FYI- From a medical standpoint, M2F transsexuals on cross-gender hormone treatment will generally become impotent after 4-6- months and lose any [male] “sex drive”. This is due to suppression of their endogenous (naturally-produced) testosterone by the female hormones they are now receiving. For those who have already had surgery (see below), this is no longer even an issue.]

11. You have no right to ask a transsexual if they have had “The Operation”.

It is inappropriate for someone to inquire if a transsexual has undergone genital surgery or not. SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery, also referred to as Gender Confirming Surgery and by several other names) is sought by most transsexuals when they go through their transition. But due to a multiplicity of reasons (especially the huge expense of such surgeries, which is rarely covered by medical insurance [which is the case in the USA and most other countries]), many cannot achieve their desire to have their genitalia match their true gender. 

Whether they have undergone SRS or not shouldn’t be a cause to regard a transsexual any differently. If a “normal” woman were to have a hysterectomy or a double mastectomy (due to breast cancer), there is no real need for the church to know of this; for she is no less a woman for having undergone such a surgery. The same is true for a transsexual- Their “outside” (outward appearance and genital organs) is NOT of prime importance to God; rather it is who they are on the “inside” that matters to Him. If that’s God’s perspective, then it should be ours as well!

12. Gossiping about a transsexual, in church or out, is both destructive and a grave offense to God and His people.

First of all, God regards those who gossip as being in the very same category as “murderers”, “inventors of evil” and “haters of God” (Rom 1:28-32; 2Tim 3:2-5). Yet gossip and slander are frequently encountered within the church. They can kill people’s reputations, destroy friendships and can even bring down a whole congregation; but little is ever preached from the pulpit on these very overt and destructive sins.

It can be extremely hard for those with GD to share, even in strict confidence, about their past struggles and the losses that they have experienced. And if they later find out that this trust has been violated, such a betrayal can produce irreparable damage- especially for younger Christians. They may then decide that they cannot rely on anyone and will cut themselves off entirely from the fellowship. That is a tremendous price for the Body of Christ to pay for someone’s inability to control their tongue regarding a “juicy” tidbit of gossip!

For all the above reasons, it should be obvious that gossiping about a transsexual (and the wildly off-base speculations that usually accompany such gossip) is highly offensive to the Lord. Even when such “sharing” is (dishonestly) cloaked as an expression of “prayerful concern”, the ultimate result is that the transsexual Christian is further marginalized and isolated. Gossip is thus the antithesis of the agape love that each member of the Body should have for another; and it should therefore be eliminated altogether.

13. Transsexuals need and deserve friends too!

Those with GD often have few close friends they can share their lives with, outside of a narrow circle of other transsexuals. This is made even worse if they are attending a church. Few Christians are able, much less willing, to reach out to those who they consider to be on society’s “fringe”. Yet Jesus gave us a mandate (Mat 28:19) to preach the gospel to ALL nations and peoples- regardless of race, class, nationality, gender (identity) or sexual orientation.

If there is anyone in your congregation who can emulate their Savior’s love and the compassion that Jesus had for the outcasts of His society, then perhaps God is calling them to a special ministry. It requires someone who can listen and learn; and offer support and encouragement without judging. This is especially important when a transsexual Christian is trying to explain something that is very real and true for them but may be totally incomprehensible to you!

By God’s grace, I have been given a ministry that reaches out not only to Christian transsexuals, but also to those who do not know Jesus. And because of my willingness to befriend those who most church-goers would never touch, I have been able to lead a number of transsexuals to the Lord. If you can just listen to them with a loving heart and a non-judgmental attitude, you may find yourself developing a very fulfilling new friendship. Transsexuals are actually amongst the most intelligent, delightful and courageous people I have ever met. Their life stories are amazing and will expand your horizons and deepen your appreciation for God’s wondrous Creation.

14. A final word regarding God’s Sovereignty in the lives of transsexuals

Even though it might seem “easier” to us for God to change the Mind (i.e. the discordant Gender Identity) to fit the body, God’s choice for a transsexual’s life is usually the opposite- to alter the body to fit the Mind.  Most Christian transsexuals have previously gone through a very prolonged struggle with God regarding their GID- pleading for Him to heal their Mind.  This often goes on for years and involves extended times of prayer and fasting and repeatedly going forward at healing services.  

I acknowledge that God is able to miraculously heal a transsexual’s Mind- for our Lord can accomplish anything! I will also state that I have heard of transsexuals who have claimed such a healing. But even in this, I am aware of those who later had to admit to being “backslidden” (i.e. their GD was never really “cured” in the first place). So if such a miraculous healing of a transsexual’s Mind is possible, it seems to me that this occurs very rarely (especially when considering the large number of transsexual Christians I know).

I offer this as an explanation or hypothesis for why such “Mind-healing” is so uncommon: God is still sovereign, even in the face of a fallen Creation. As I stated before, it is not our “outside” that is of any real importance to God. Our earthly bodies will be cast aside one day; for the Lord has promised to each of His children a perfect, heavenly body which we will inhabit for the rest of eternity (1Cor 15:50-55). It is that which is “within” us that is eternal and constitutes who we truly are (1Sam 16:7). And it is our “inside” which God is endeavoring to perfect through all the trials that we experience during our [very brief] time on this earth (1Pet 5:10; James 1:2-4).

Therefore, in the past, when I was so incessantly pleading with God to heal my Mind… He had NO intention of doing so! For He had designed me from my mother’s womb to be His beloved daughter (Ps 139:12-16). If God had answered my (former) prayers, just as I had asked of Him, then this would have destroyed the unique individual that God had created me to be! So instead, He granted me the grace to utilize the medical and surgical treatments available to heal my body and bring about the wholeness I had so long desired. And He further gave me a far more abundant life than I could have ever before imagined- as the woman of God that He meant me to be all along!

Yes- It would have been so simple (from my perspective) for God to have changed my Mind to match my body. But God seldom delights in doing what is “convenient”. For how is God glorified by accomplishing that which is easy? This is an important point to consider, especially when facing the “difficulties”- or rather, the opportunities for growth- of having “A Transsexual in Your Midst”.


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