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We Gotta Pass Laws Against Preverts!

We Gotta Pass Laws Against Preverts!

by Ralph “Round’em Up and Shoot’em” Rednecker

(as retold by Jennifer A. Burnett, MD)

Aug. 6, 2007


My Dear Friends,

            I am writing you all to let you know my opinion about somethin mighty important. I was real encouraged before the last election about laws that were being made against them there damn preverts- you know, those wierdos that were born with a perfectly healthy male body and yet want to cut off their “man parts” and live as women! Goll-lee, can you imagine those sickos! And they expect just ‘cus they got themselves castrated that they wanna be able to get married to real men! (Can’t imagine why any real man would ever want to get hooked up with them anyway!)

Well, I thought we were gonna get some laws passed against this, but not much has happened so far. And that’s because all the real, red-blooded Americans are not standin’ up to be counted. Come on, you guys! If we don’t speak up, pretty soon them preverts are going to be running this country! With all them damn bleedin’ heart liberals controlling Congress, I figure that if they can’t get a woman elected to be President, maybe they’ll try to sneak in one of those tranny men in there and then do a sex change right in the middle of their presidency!

You know, it was bad enough when the guverment gave women the vote, but this country really went to hell in a handbasket when they gave them “darkies” all those civil rights. And what did the real, patriotic Bible believing good folk of America do? We just sat on our fat asses and did nuthin! Well, we gotta draw the line, dig in our heels and fight back now! We defeated those damn Commie bastards. But now we gotta be vigilant against the next godless foe of American democracy, “The Great Tranny Menace”.

You know, I’ve been a Bible believin, born-again Christian all my life and it pains me to see how this country has allowed all them preverts to take over and influence so many people. I got a letter recently sent to me at my website, rednecker_rants.com (I couldn’t figir out how to put together those darn computers, but I paid some fancy-pants computer nerd to get it up and runnin for me. It cost me a bundle but I feel it is a small price to pay so that every American in this here U S of A can hear my opinions. After all, it represents the heart and soul of every real American, or at least it souldda!)

Hell anyway, I got this letter from a lady doctor and professor of medicine in Fresno, CA, trying to convince me that them pervert tranny sickos are not doin’ this cause they want to corrupt the morals of us God-fearin Christian Americans. She said that these people “suffer from a congenital abnormality produced by a chemical or hormonal imbalance in the fetus that in turn causes the brain to develop a ‘gender identity’ opposite to the physical sex of the baby”.

She went on to say changing one's (outward) appearance to match their true (brain) gender is the only effective therapy that that allows those with GID to live and function as a whole and complete individual”. She also said “there are observable morphologic differences in transsexuals that show there really is such a thing as a ‘female brain’ inside of a male body and vise-versa.”

She also wrote that there is a lot of research that indicates that this is a birth defect, not a conscious or unconscious “choice”. So, like heart abnormalities and cleft lips, “there is nothing inherently wrong, medically or spiritually, in using hormone therapy and surgical means to correct these defects and allow those who suffer from them to lead as normal and healthy a life as is possible”.

It kinda sounded like she knew what she was talking about but then I found out that she had one of them there sex changes, so she’s a prevert too! And I don’t pay any attention to preverts! God help me! How can they let her be a doctor, anyway? She is probably giving healthy young men shots of female hormones against their will and turning more people into perverts too!

Hell, all that research is mumbo jumbo anyway! I never allow them experts to influence me when my mind is already made up. I KNOW what the Bible says. Those preverts who prance around dressed as women are condemned as bominations! I know- I read it somewhere in the Bible where they gots a lot of other of God’s righteous laws. (Of course, those other laws about eatin pork and sacrifin and such don’t apply to red-blooded American! I’m sure that God doesn’t object to us chompin down pork rinds and havin a BLT every once in a while. That would be down-right unpatriotic and send our Southern pork belly industry into a tizzy!)

And while we’re at it, those of us who can’t stand those Negroes around us are made to feel like we are awful people. The Bible clearly tells us (I heard this direc from a wonderful Bible thumpin Southern Baptist preacher back in the good ol’ days, folks!) that Noah cursed his son, Ham, for laughing at his father’s nakedness. Ham means “Black” and all the race of Black people descended from him. So then, all them Blacks are cursed and we should feel free to do whatever we want to them cursed people! We certainly don’t want any of those godless darkies in our churches or in school with our precious white children!

So you see, when those damn liberals call us prejudiced and hate-mongers, it is a badge of honor, for we are just doin what the Bible tells us! Hating Jews is justified from the Bible, because they killed Jesus! Them damn Jews killed a good, red-blooded American Savior (after all, it says it right there in John chapter 1, verse 14 that “Jesus dwelt among U.S. ”). God wants us to be pure, so it’s OK to hate all those who aren’t like us White, full-blooded Americans- the chinks, the redskins, the towel-heads and all those job-stealin beaners!

Jesus, of course, is lily White- I know because I have been seeing his picture on the walls in my church since my mumma sent me off to Sunday School at the age of 5! So anyone who is not white like Him is nferior and shouldn’t expect to be treated like us true Americans! All those foreigners who come to the US  of A don’t deserve to be here with us natives. (Someone once told me that the only true Native Americans are the Indians and that all the rest of us can trace our roots back to “foreigners” who came here since the 1700’s. But that notion is just plain foolishness!)

So you stick to your Bible. The Word of God tells us that white Americans are His chosen people. And if you know something is true in your heart, you can be sure that there is a Bible passage somewhere that can be made to justify your prejudices, whatever they may be! So don’t worry about being “closed minded” and don’t let any of those supposed scientific facts get in the way of your beliefs. The Bible will justify anything a good, red-blooded American believes, 'cus we are God’s chosen nation!

Just to let you know what’s coming next: I heard a sermon today in church from Matthew 17 about a boy who had epilepsy. It says clearly that he had epileptic fits which was caused by an evil spirit that would often throw him into the fire. Well, imagine my surprise! Them damn doctors have us all convinced that epilepsy is caused by “abnormal brain waves” (I saw this once on a medical show on TV) and can effectively be treated by medications in almost every case.

Well, now I know the truth! Epilepsy is really caused by evil spirits! The Bible says it and that settles it! Maybe that is why America is in decline. We have hundreds of thousands of Americans walking around with evil spirits in them and all we are doing is giving them poor people drugs! I think we should round them all up and cast out them demons who are pulling this great nation down! Those that don’t “come clean”- well that old phrase “Kill ‘em or Cure ‘em” could be made to apply real easy! Between those demons and all thm preverts walking around, this country is in grave danger!


Well, I’ve bout said my piece. You can look this all up on my website if you want. After all, my motto has been and always will be “Everyone is entitled to my own opinion.”



Your ever-viglant prevert-fighter,




Note to Readers:

Just in case you didn’t already get the message, this piece is entirely fictional and is a SATIRE! But I really did have a sermon preached to me today on the epileptic son in Matthew. This got me to thinking about an insert into a church bulletin around election time, urging people to vote for an amendment to specifically prevent transsexuals from getting married!

Think about that. A post-op M2F transsexual cannot marry a man, for that (in the eyes of the law) would be a “homosexual marriage”. However, in their irrational approach to a “Defense of Marriage Act”, they would (unintentionally) permit an M2F to marry another woman, as they would consider the M2F person to always be male (due to their birth sex) even after having their SRS and having been legally declared to be a female in all other regards. But those of us (M2F Christians) who know we are truly women and would not feel it scripturally right to marry another woman- we would effectively be prevented from marrying anyone (with the possible exception of a F2M transsexual)!

In the most part, our lack of acceptance by the evangelical church is indeed justified with convoluted logic based on scriptures that have no real application to our situation, just as I have parodied in the fictitious website post above. All too often, the church and those who are self-appointed advocates of “Christian Morality”/”American Patriotism” are only cloaking their ill-conceived prejudices in the pious language of the Bible.

My piece above was an attempt to use some humor to deal with our extremely vocal critics. They would try to deny those of us born with a congenital defect (GID) our basic human rights- to live and exist in wholeness and engage in relationships which everyone else takes for granted.

I hope that you have not been offended by this piece but have received it in the spirit in which it was intended. Yes, this IS a very serious problem, but if you can’t laugh a little bit over the absurdity of some of our legislators’ absurd proposals, then the only other alternative is to get mad, load your gun and go out and shoot some of them, like Ralph Rednecker would do with us.


Walking Daily in His Wondrous Love and Grace,


Dr. Jen


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